The Taming of the Shrew 1995
Merry Wives of Windsor 2006

Greek Theatre Players



About our Theatre


The Greek Theatre, Walthamstow, is unique.  Nestling silently in the mature and extensive gardens of The Girls' High School on Church Hill, shrouded by willow and birch trees and in the lea of a laurel hedge, this maginificent classical amphitheatre is something of a too well-kept secret.

Built in the 1920s by unemployed local labour, one of the Theatre's first productions involved Dame Sybil Thorndike in the role of Medea in 1925.  The Theatre's unusual design - a circular arena with steps up to a stage on one side and a grand pillared portico on the other - provides the actor with enormous scope in terms of technique.  Similarly the audience sees action in a wealth of styles from intimate subtlety to grand spectacle.  And as darkness falls and the lighting glows, a special magic envelops the performance, providing lovers of open-air theatre with a rewarding and memorable evening.